Sunday, October 28, 2012

6 month well check

We had Hink's 6 month doctor's appointment a few weeks ago, I'm just slow to post updates. He is keeping me busy lately. He is doing really well. He is a super social baby and will smile and interact with everyone we meet. He is super close to sitting on his own too. He can balance for about 20 seconds before his big head topples him over!

Height- 67cm
Weight- 6.9kilos
Head- 44.4 cm

Hink jumped to the 50th percentile for height (from the 25th last month) but is still super skinny and in the 10th percentile for weight. I'm not too worried about it though since he is going to be eating us out of house and home very soon! We are still slowly trying new fruits and vegetables, some more successfully than others...he hates peas, but loves pumpkin and carrots and tolerates green beans.  The foods that he likes, he eats a lot of! He screams if I take too long between bites. I can't wait til he gets some teeth and I can give him real food.

Hink got his first taste of ice cream while we were at Cold Stone last week. This video is super cute and only 12 seconds so don't skip it!

Hink's First Halloween

We celebrated Hink's first Halloween at a party with a bunch of friends here in Beijing. Our costumes were thrown together at the last minute after a hectic weekend, but I still think Hink is the cutest football around!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Church at the Great Wall

This weekend we went to the Great Wall and had church!  

It was great to meet new people.  We went hiking up the wall, played some cards, had some good food and danced a little bit.  

Here is a picture of the service being held in the courtyard of the resort.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Look at Hink grow!

Just after we brought him home from the hospital- about 2 weeks old.

 6 months, what a chunk!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Fish!

Hink is loving his baths these days. No matter how cranky he is, when I start undressing him for a bath he starts smiling so big! He starts the bath in a chair, but he really likes to just float and kick. I hold his head and neck and the rest of him floats. He loves kicking off the side of the tub. He is so much fun!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best Friends

CoCo has always loved to sit on the windowsill and watch people and puppies outside. Hink has started to join him. He switches back and forth between watching CoCo and looking out the window. He will be happy sitting like this for 15-20 minutes. It is so cute. I'm really excited for Hink to start interacting more with CoCo and playing with him. For now he just watches him mostly, but he's starting to pet him and grab his ears if he's sitting next to us on the couch.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Since I discovered I can use instagram on my phone here in China without a VPN(the thing that allows us to access facebook, youtube, blogspot, and all the other restricted sites) I have been a very lazy blogger. I have been taking tons of pictures of Hink while we are out and about, but none of them have made it onto the blog for all our friends that don't use instagram. These are just some of the pictures we have posted lately. Enjoy!

Playing superman.

We borrowed a bumbo from a friend. Hink loves it!

I'm going to fit this whole ball in my mouth!

First swim at the Hyatt in Beijing. Hink did great!

Out for a stroll.

More swimming!

If you want to follow us on instagram my username is danainchina. I will try to be better about sharing our pictures and adventures on the blog too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rice Cereal!

Hink had his first food this morning!  He didn't have a very high opinion of the rice cereal, but he put up with it for Nick and me! Most of it ended up on him, so along with his first rice cereal, he also got to take his first shower since I am too lazy to bathe him twice a day. Hopefully tomorrow he is a little more excited about it now that he knows what to expect.

5 months!

I can't believe Hink is 5 months old. Next month is half a year! Crazy.

His doctors appointment last week was pretty traumatic. He had to have a routine eye exam and it was no fun. First his eyes were really slow to dilate. They gave him the drops every ten minutes and had to do it 5 times. Usually it takes no more than 2 or 3. Then the doctor freaked me out saying there was something wrong because they weren't dilated enough so she told us to go see the pediatrician and come back for some tests.

Well the pediatrician during her exam said his eyes were fully dilated and we had better run back upstairs and get them checked. The eye doctor did the exam which required 2 nurses to hold Hink down in a dark room while they did the test. I didn't stay in the room because it was just too sad to hear him screaming. I thought the test would be quick, but 15 minutes of hearing Hink scream through the walls took FOREVER! Everything was normal and I was pretty upset with the doctor for scaring me for no reason.

Hink had to get one shot this time and then we go back next month for two more, and the following month for another one. Then he will be on a normal checkup schedule. I will definitely miss all our extra doctors visits. I like seeing how much he has grown and getting some face time with his doctor. She is really good at answering emails quickly, but it is reassuring to have her check him out.

Anyway, our boy is still growing:

Height- 63.5 centimeters (still 25th percentile)
Weight-6.2 kilos (10th percentile!)
Head- 43 cm (HUGE!)

The one thing people always comment on when they talk to me in elevators is the size of Hink's head. I didn't think it was abnormally large, and the doctor said it was normal, so either Chinese babies must have super small heads or Hink's just looks big because he is still a skinny guy.

This month Hink started grab anything put in his hands. I was so glad when he started showing some interest in his toys. It gives me a break from constantly singing silly songs and dancing to distract him! His favorite time of day is bath time. He loves to float. He "talks" to me constantly. He loves to watch CoCo. It is so funny to watch him follow CoCo around the house with his eyes. He has rolled over a few more times, but most of the time chooses not to. Stinker!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Babies in China

Babies in China are a big deal! Ever since I started looking pregnant with Hink I haven't had to wait in a line. Ever.

While getting a taxi home from the airport when I was pregnant, Nick asked one of the airport guards how long the wait was  so we could decide whether or not to take the airport express subway. Well she looked at me and ushered us off to the front of the line.

At customs at the airport when the line was an hour long, and I was alone with Hink, I got ushered to a special lane off to the side and was through in less than a minute.

Just yesterday I went to Subway to grab lunch. It is in the basement of a large office building and it was noon so the line was pretty long. There were about 20 people in front of me. Hink started fussing in his stroller so I picked him up and was playing with him while we waited. After about 3 minutes the manager of the restaurant came out and wheeled us to the front of the line. I felt really bad, since everyone else was on their lunch break, and I really had nowhere to be, but she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Getting on the bus last week the attendant who collects fares yelled into his microphone til someone got up and gave me their seat because I was carrying Hink. Many times when I get on the bus really old women hop up immediately and make me sit down if I have Hink in the Bjorn. They look super unstable but will not sit back down no matter how much I gesture and protest. Luckily we usually make enough of a scene that some younger person will usually give up their chair too so the old woman and I can both sit down.

Often in China I hear people complain about taxi drivers being rude, or people pushing ahead to get on the subway or order at a restaurant (I know I've done it when I've had a bad day), and those things can get frustrating, but there are also so many nice things that go on, I thought I'd better document some of them too.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

4 months!

I can't believe how fast this month went by. Hink is more and more fun to play with everyday. He is responding to me more everyday and has the most contagious smile. He loves reading books and his favorite is currently Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (Thanks Terri!).

I have been running all over Beijing lately and Hink has been such a trooper. He is happy to be in his Bjorn for at least a few hours a day. I started letting him face out sometimes and he loves it. When I make him face in he turns his head as far as he can to try to peak out the sides. It's so funny.

The one thing that makes him fussy faster than anything else is being hot. If I try to walk to the market with him in the stroller he gets angry quick. We have to go really early in the morning before it heats up outside to keep him happy.

Our Dr's appointment went really well this month. He only had to get one shot (pneumococcal) and he wasn't too upset about it. He also rolled over for the first time while we were at the doctors. He hasn't done it since, but we are working on it a lot, so hopefully he will have it down soon.

Here are his stats:
Height- 62 cm (25 percentile!)
Weight- 5.54 kilos (3 percentile- we have a skinny boy)
Head- 41 cm

We have to see the Dr again next month again to get some more shots. She wants to see him once a month for the first 6 months, but I really enjoy seeing how tall he is and when they weigh him since me holding him on the bathroom scale isn't too accurate.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hink is already addicted!

To TV that is...
If we turn on the TV he is happy on his tummy at least 3 times longer than otherwise.

He is fixated!

My cute pup :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


We went on our first mini vacation with Hink a few weeks ago. We took the speed train to Tianjin on Friday afternoon. It took about 30 minutes to get there. It was kind of a spur of the moment trip. Nick had to go there for work one day and enjoyed it so we went back. It is always nice to get out of Beijing for a little while. Even though Tianjin is still a busy city it didn't feel near as hectic as Beijing.

We stayed at the Astor Hotel there. It was beautiful. It is almost 150 years old and back when it was first built it was used for a lot of diplomatic purposes (the American consulate was established there for a long time). The hotel had a museum downstairs that was fun to walk around. It showed pictures of all the famous people who have stayed there over the years, showed how the rooms would have been decorated and included the menu from Christmas dinner in 1949. Nick said he had never heard of anything on the menu.

After we laid around for a bit we went out to explore Tianjin. We found a yummy restaurant for dinner and then walked along the river outside the hotel. The next morning we explored some of the other buildings around the hotel, then checked out the Italian district before heading home. We got back just in time to catch a taxi before the crazy rainstorms that caused massive floods in Beijing started.

The train

Picture in the hotel museum. Ulysses S. Grant when he stayed a the Astor.

We really wanted to ride in the elevator.

Outside the hotel at night.

An old church in Tianjin

The Italian District
We had a great time and will definitely be going back to Tianjin. It was a great way to escape Beijing without having to travel for hours with Hink.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Video of Hink's 3rd month

We spent pretty much all of Hink's third month in the US visiting/meeting family and playing a lot! Nick made another video to share them all like he did for Hink's first month. I just realized we never posted the second month video so I will work on finding that for the 3 people who are probably interested.

And another cute video Nick made awhile back:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hink at 3 months

We are back in China after a whole month of fun in the US. We have lots of pictures to share, but we will get to that later in another post. Hink had a doctors appointment this week and I cannot believe how much he has grown!

Height: 58.5 cm (23 inches)
Weight 4.7 kilos (10 pounds 5 ounces)
Head 39.5 cm (15.5 inches)

He looks more and more like a normal (non-preemie) baby everyday. I just stopped having random strangers commenting on how small he is and thinking he is brand new. He is definitely working hard to catch up. He grew 5 more centimeters this month. He is in the 3rd percentile for height, but last month he didn't even make the chart, so we are making progress. The doctor thinks that by his first birthday he will be mostly caught up.

This month was a fun one. Hink started focusing on people more and more and has started smiling a lot. He is much more fun to play with now that I can get a reaction out of him. He did have a little bit of stranger anxiety when we got back to Beijing and he didn't recognize anything, but he's over that now. As far as jet lag, he is doing ok but he does sleep about 18 hours a day now. I'm sure it will be harder next time around when he doesn't sleep so much during the day.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's good to be home!

Spicy Tuna -best sushi ever!
We have been home for 2 days now and are stuffing our faces every chance we get! This is definitely going to be a very fattening trip for all three of us.

Hinckley did great on our 12 hour flight over the ocean. I hope he does as well when I have to travel back alone with him next month! He pretty much slept the whole time, or sat and looked at everything around him. He hasn't even been jetlagged. I guess when you sleep 20 hours out of everyday its not that hard to rearrange your schedule!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hinckley at 2 months

Height- 53.5 cm (21 inches)
Weight- 3.65 kilos (8 pounds)
Head- 37.5 cm
Hearing test- Passed both ears!

We went to Hinckley's two month appointment yesterday. I can't believe how much he has grown this month. He gained more than a kilo (2.2 pounds) and grew 5.5 cm (2.16 inches). He has been eating like crazy and the doctor said it is because he is trying to catch up with a normal baby.

He has gotten onto a pretty good schedule and I hope that as he gains weight he will be able to sleep longer at night. Right now about 4 hours is his limit before he wakes up hungry. (Everything I googled said that once 10 pounds is the magic number for preemies. Once they hit that weight they can sleep at least 6 hours. That sounds heavenly right now!)

We are traveling home with him next week. Twelve hours is going to be a long time, but all my friends in China that travel with their babies said that 2 months wasn't a bad age to travel at all. In fact it is supposed to be the best time since he still sleeps most of the day. Flying with him at Christmas time when he is 8 months is going to be more challenging...but I won't think about that yet. We are looking forward to being home and introducing Hink to our families!

This past week Hink's NaiNai and YeYe have been visiting. Here are a few pictures

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I've never won anything...


Nick hates massages, so I can go twice!

Nick and I decided to take Hinckley on a walk one night and we ended up at Fatburger drinking delicious chocolate shakes. While we were there I grabbed a copy of the Beijinger magazine (It's a free magazine that they put out in English every month that you can pick up all over the city). We were flipping through it and in the back Nick saw an ad for an Ice Cream Spa.

I already threw out the magazine, but I found a picture of the ad on their website.

Nick started commenting on how weird that was. Since I read the magazine every month I knew they always put in a bogus ad and the first person to find it wins something. Well we happened to be at Fatburger on June 1, so I made Nick hand over his phone and I emailed the answer right away.

The next few days Nick would tease me and pretend he had a really exciting email so I would think I had won. Yesterday though we got an email asking for our address so these 2 vouchers to Origin Spa could be delivered to our house. I WON! I think we are going to make it a new tradition to go to Fatburger the first of every month so we can drink shakes and peruse the Beijinger together.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bath Time

Hinckley loves getting his hair washed, but isn't so fond of the rest of the bath. We wash his hair first while he's all wrapped up in a towel, otherwise he would be blue before we finish. Then we strip him and put him in the tub. That's when the wailing starts so we get done as quick as possible.

Funny Nick story for those who aren't Nick's friend on facebook. I turned on my computer the other day to see this status:

"the smell that i've always associated with babies...ends up it's rotten milk."

This makes bath time extra important.  I don't want to be the person with a stinky baby. Hink is going to have to learn to enjoy it so Nick can associate nice Johnson baby wash smells with our baby instead.

Head massage for Hink.

So relaxed!

Not very happy about this.

All bundled up after the bath, trying to get warm again.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Shower

Some friends from our church branch threw me a baby shower last week. Lucky Hink got to attend with me. It was his first real excursion outside other than many trips to the hospital right after we brought him home.

We had tons of good food and played some fun games, and of course there were some super cute presents for Hink. Here's some pictures.


Funny game. Guess the melted candy bars in each diaper. Looks quite disgusting, but a few ladies even tasted them.

My friend Hailey is super talented. She knitted these rattles for Hink. Love them!

Riding home in his new stroller. He loved it.