Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to Hinckley!

Hinckley had his first birthday on April 10th. It's crazy to me how fast this year went and to think about where we were this time last year. We were in the hospital on the other side of the world praying that Hink would figure out how to eat. Now we live in America and we can't eat a thing without sharing it with him. He is such a joy and everyday with him is so much fun. He took his first few steps a few days before his birthday. He is growing and changing so fast. We sure love this little guy!

We had a Mickey Mouse themed birthday since that is his favorite show. When this song comes on at the end of the show he stops everything to watch and his little head bobs along to the music. 

Sometimes we can even get him dancing just by saying "hot dog." We'll see if we can keep that up til he's 18. He will have no idea where the sudden urge to dance comes from whenever he's at a BBQ and people are saying hotdog all around him!

Opening one present early so we could use it in the pool last weekend!

He loved  floating around and kicking his feet.

We are definitely not missing the cold smog of Beijing!

Another present he got to play with before the party!

I tried to decorate...

Distracting him with pizza so I could get a picture of his cute hat.

Smashing his whole cupcake into his mouth.

I want another cupcake!

Opening presents. He loves his slinky!

Thanks for the truck Uncle Tim.

First slam dunk! This present might have been more for Nick than Hink!