Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twin Lakes

Nick and I just got home from a great vacation with my family up in Washington. Sadly, we are lame and didn't take many pictures. The one I do have for this post was stolen from my cousin's facebook (Thanks Ali!) We had a very relaxing week. Here's a quick recap:
  • fishing- Nick went almost everyday, I tagged along twice
  • dock sitting-we both came back a little darker, and I got 2 books read
  • swimming- cold water, but lots of fun
  • skiing, wakeboarding, tubing- I did it all, sadly Nick's monster feet wouldn't fit in any of our boards so he cheered me on from the boat
  • lots of FOOD- seriously, every night we had a delicious feast. plus lots of snacks in between
  • Naps- we started as early as 9am somedays (getting up early to fish can be hard)
  • family time- I think they might like Nick more than me now! I won't be allowed to go anywhere without him
  • cards- my family is a bunch of gamers. We played a new game called Munchkin with my cousin Julie, it was lots of fun.
  • and last but not least...BEAR TRAPPING
I have to explain that last one. I had been telling Nick before we got there about how pretty it was and how many animals he would see. There are bald eagles, beaver dams, loons, deer, elk, moose and bears. He was pretty excited about the bears because he'd never seen one, but also a little skeptical that I was making up stories. So from the first night we heard stories from my aunts and uncles that had already been there for a week. They said every night the bear was there looting the trash cans. He came like clockwork about 1am. We were excited! But apparently there was a woman at the other end of the camp from us trying to bait the bear, so he never made it down to our end. Not cool! After 4 nights of hearing everybody elses bear stories we took matters into our own hands....

Dinner one night was salmon that my cousin Jason had caught. (delicious) We decided it was our turn to see the bear so we collected all the plates and salmon scraps and Nick devised a great trap. We set the bags on top of the picnic table in front of our cabin, and then got a garbage can lid to set on top of them so we would hear the bear knock it off. It worked perfectly! At midnight there was a clang in front of the cabin and we rushed to the window. The bear was there enjoying all the salmon for about 10 minutes. Pretty cool. The camera flashes and porch light didn't even phase him; he just hid behind a tree and kept on eating.

Here's the proof:

Now we have a crazy week ahead of us. I have to work everyday, and we have to get all packed up and out of our apartment by the 1st. It will be crazy, but there was no way we were cutting vacation time short.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Accident Prone

So I tend to be accident prone, but only at really inconvenient times. Over the past couple of months I've had a series of minor "accidents". Luckily nothing too bad has happened, but when added all up its getting to be quite expensive...

First off, I had my purse stolen out of my car a few months ago at my mission reunion. Apparently I'm the only person who didn't know that Taylorsville was super ghetto. So, I had to plan a trip down to Vegas to replace my license, get the car window fixed and replace my Kindle. Got to be a pretty pricey "accident" pretty quickly.

Next off in my series of misfortunes happened during a trip to California. Nick and I were staying with my friend Brittany and her husband. We had a great time, including Nick's first trip to Disneyland. BUT, with my luck something had to happen. Our last night of the stay I was getting out of the shower, and I still don't know how it happened, but as I was closing the sliding glass door I watched it shatter into lots of little pieces. I didn't slam it or anything. In fact my hand was still in the air where the door should have been as I was sliding it closed. I later discovered that the little rubber stopper that should have been there to catch the door was unfortunately sitting on the counter next to the shower. Anyway, we got that fixed with a little help from Brit, but the cost of my accidents was quickly increasing.

My latest incident happened just today. I've been stressing a little bit because we are moving the end of this month and my last day of work isn't til the 31st. We have lots to get done and not much time to do it. So the incident happened as I was pulling into our complex after a 7-11 run after work. I heard a loud pop! My car clunked into a parking spot and when I got out my tire was destroyed. Completely flat. No hope of just adding a little air and calling it good. So now I have to add new tires to my to do list. I'm too lazy to go change to the spare in this July heat, so I'm postponing my errands til later too.

Sorry this was so long! Hopefully I won't have anymore to add to this list for a LONG time.