Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Fish!

Hink is loving his baths these days. No matter how cranky he is, when I start undressing him for a bath he starts smiling so big! He starts the bath in a chair, but he really likes to just float and kick. I hold his head and neck and the rest of him floats. He loves kicking off the side of the tub. He is so much fun!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best Friends

CoCo has always loved to sit on the windowsill and watch people and puppies outside. Hink has started to join him. He switches back and forth between watching CoCo and looking out the window. He will be happy sitting like this for 15-20 minutes. It is so cute. I'm really excited for Hink to start interacting more with CoCo and playing with him. For now he just watches him mostly, but he's starting to pet him and grab his ears if he's sitting next to us on the couch.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Since I discovered I can use instagram on my phone here in China without a VPN(the thing that allows us to access facebook, youtube, blogspot, and all the other restricted sites) I have been a very lazy blogger. I have been taking tons of pictures of Hink while we are out and about, but none of them have made it onto the blog for all our friends that don't use instagram. These are just some of the pictures we have posted lately. Enjoy!

Playing superman.

We borrowed a bumbo from a friend. Hink loves it!

I'm going to fit this whole ball in my mouth!

First swim at the Hyatt in Beijing. Hink did great!

Out for a stroll.

More swimming!

If you want to follow us on instagram my username is danainchina. I will try to be better about sharing our pictures and adventures on the blog too.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rice Cereal!

Hink had his first food this morning!  He didn't have a very high opinion of the rice cereal, but he put up with it for Nick and me! Most of it ended up on him, so along with his first rice cereal, he also got to take his first shower since I am too lazy to bathe him twice a day. Hopefully tomorrow he is a little more excited about it now that he knows what to expect.

5 months!

I can't believe Hink is 5 months old. Next month is half a year! Crazy.

His doctors appointment last week was pretty traumatic. He had to have a routine eye exam and it was no fun. First his eyes were really slow to dilate. They gave him the drops every ten minutes and had to do it 5 times. Usually it takes no more than 2 or 3. Then the doctor freaked me out saying there was something wrong because they weren't dilated enough so she told us to go see the pediatrician and come back for some tests.

Well the pediatrician during her exam said his eyes were fully dilated and we had better run back upstairs and get them checked. The eye doctor did the exam which required 2 nurses to hold Hink down in a dark room while they did the test. I didn't stay in the room because it was just too sad to hear him screaming. I thought the test would be quick, but 15 minutes of hearing Hink scream through the walls took FOREVER! Everything was normal and I was pretty upset with the doctor for scaring me for no reason.

Hink had to get one shot this time and then we go back next month for two more, and the following month for another one. Then he will be on a normal checkup schedule. I will definitely miss all our extra doctors visits. I like seeing how much he has grown and getting some face time with his doctor. She is really good at answering emails quickly, but it is reassuring to have her check him out.

Anyway, our boy is still growing:

Height- 63.5 centimeters (still 25th percentile)
Weight-6.2 kilos (10th percentile!)
Head- 43 cm (HUGE!)

The one thing people always comment on when they talk to me in elevators is the size of Hink's head. I didn't think it was abnormally large, and the doctor said it was normal, so either Chinese babies must have super small heads or Hink's just looks big because he is still a skinny guy.

This month Hink started grab anything put in his hands. I was so glad when he started showing some interest in his toys. It gives me a break from constantly singing silly songs and dancing to distract him! His favorite time of day is bath time. He loves to float. He "talks" to me constantly. He loves to watch CoCo. It is so funny to watch him follow CoCo around the house with his eyes. He has rolled over a few more times, but most of the time chooses not to. Stinker!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Babies in China

Babies in China are a big deal! Ever since I started looking pregnant with Hink I haven't had to wait in a line. Ever.

While getting a taxi home from the airport when I was pregnant, Nick asked one of the airport guards how long the wait was  so we could decide whether or not to take the airport express subway. Well she looked at me and ushered us off to the front of the line.

At customs at the airport when the line was an hour long, and I was alone with Hink, I got ushered to a special lane off to the side and was through in less than a minute.

Just yesterday I went to Subway to grab lunch. It is in the basement of a large office building and it was noon so the line was pretty long. There were about 20 people in front of me. Hink started fussing in his stroller so I picked him up and was playing with him while we waited. After about 3 minutes the manager of the restaurant came out and wheeled us to the front of the line. I felt really bad, since everyone else was on their lunch break, and I really had nowhere to be, but she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Getting on the bus last week the attendant who collects fares yelled into his microphone til someone got up and gave me their seat because I was carrying Hink. Many times when I get on the bus really old women hop up immediately and make me sit down if I have Hink in the Bjorn. They look super unstable but will not sit back down no matter how much I gesture and protest. Luckily we usually make enough of a scene that some younger person will usually give up their chair too so the old woman and I can both sit down.

Often in China I hear people complain about taxi drivers being rude, or people pushing ahead to get on the subway or order at a restaurant (I know I've done it when I've had a bad day), and those things can get frustrating, but there are also so many nice things that go on, I thought I'd better document some of them too.