Friday, April 20, 2012

The Feeding Tube

Hinckley had to have a feeding tube placed through his nose this week. The dietitian here was concerned that he still hadn't reached his birth weight. He was so tired all day, and it was getting more and more difficult to coax him to eat. Now he is fed every 3 hours, and what he won't eat by himself from a bottle in 20-30 minutes is sent to his stomach through that tube.

Overall I think it has really helped him. The very next day we saw a lot of improvement in his ability to suck and drink for himself without the vigorous chin massage the nurses had to give him before. He still can't finish a full feeding by himself. But he has definitely made major improvements in a very short time.

At first I was real upset by the tube. In my head I knew it would help him and was a good thing, but I just couldn't look at him without crying after they put it in. I wouldn't want anything shoved up my nose, so I can't imagine how it feels in his tiny face. He was pretty uncomfortable the first night and spent a lot of time sneezing and fussing, but now that he is used to it he sleeps so well and is alert for longer during his feedings. Hopefully the next few days he will continue to get stronger so we can get him home.

Also, he was given this pacifier to help him practice sucking. I just love how small his little face is compared to it. He really loves that thing and it has helped his eating improve a lot so I am happy too.


  1. You are such a brave mommy Dana! When Jayden needing assistance eating with a tube it broke my heart. Congrats on your little one! being a mom is the best! Love ya

  2. My heart goes out to you! Watching your little one in pain and/or struggle has to be the hardest thing a parent has to do. I cannot wait to read about Hinkley's trip home.

  3. So happy to hear that he's making progress. We love you guys so much and know that you're the exact parents that little Hinck is supposed to have right now.