Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't take your voice for granted!

It all started last Friday with a little sore throat and fever and progressed until Tuesday when my voice decided to disappear. It has been completely gone since then, not just a hoarse raspy voice, but GONE! Let me tell you it has been an interesting few days. I can't answer my phone at all. The few times I have attempted to have a conversation have not gone well. I usually just end up hanging up in frustration.

Nick and I were out to dinner one night this week after I lost my voice and the waitress was so excited. She kept telling me how she always wanted to lose her voice and she thought it was so cool. Yeah, just wait till it happens to you...not that glamorous. It's so hard to communicate with people.

The other day I was sitting in class, and I kind of forgot about my voice because it's been like this for 3 days now and Nick is just used to it being gone so he doesn't look at me funny when I try to talk. Anyway, I raised my hand to make a comment and as soon as I started talking everyone turned around to stare, let me just say it was awkward. It took me a minute to realize why they were all looking at me, then I remembered my stupid voice.

I went to the Dr. this morning to see if I could get anything to help it out. The news was not good. All she told me was that a respiratory virus was going around and that my vocal cords were inflamed and there wasn't an antibiotic I could take, and all she could give me was a cough suppressant and a humidifier. Then bad went to worse when I asked how long I would be without a voice. 1-2 weeks! That is a long time to not have a voice. It is hard to do normal things without it.

I guess all I have left to do is rest my voice as much as possible and hope its closer to 1 week than 2, and be glad its nothing more serious.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Is only 7 weeks away! Well, 51 days to be exact. I am starting to get really excited. I just finished a super busy week at school and it hit me that I only have to go through that one more time for finals. WEIRD. I better start researching graduation presents to get myself... maybe a nice trip somewhere?

Now I just need to make sure Nick graduates with me. His counselor told him he is missing some requirements. Hopefully he gets that figured out soon, because I am not ready to spend another year here.