Monday, February 25, 2013

Hink is mobile!

The past few days Hink has started moving a lot more than before. Crawling has made him so much easier to entertain. He loves having a new house to explore and being able to look at whatever he wants.

He is still a super skinny guy and today while he was circling the coffee table he climbed right out of his pants!

Hink is so cute with each new thing he figures out. Today after bending over and picking up a toy while he was standing against the couch, he turned and looked all around to see if anyone was watching his new accomplishment. He is so funny and super social!

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  1. welcome back guys! We are so glad that you are closer to us now, hopefully we will be able to see you more often. So I have been loving my red Toms and wearing them everyday, and it dawned on me, I FORGOT TO PAY YOU FOR THE TOMS! I think you brought me 4 adult pairs and 2 kids pairs, is that right? Were there more? Please let me know how much I owe you and I will have Josh bring it to Nick on their boy retreat next weekend. Or I can just mail it to you. Can't believe Hink is cruising around, Blake is content to just sit around and be waited on so far. Hope we see you soon! Anne